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All persons visiting the website www.atdmoney.com (the "Website") are suggested to read through and notify themselves with this manuscript before going on to use the Website. Accessing and using the Website by a visitor or user is considered to symbolize the User's permission to the terms and conditions of using the Website and any modification thereto (Such terms and conditions hereinafter referred as "Policy on Website Use"). In case a customer conflict with these terms of uses (as may be modified from time to time), he/she shall depart the Site and avoid visiting the website in the future.

The website is possessed and functioned by ATD Fintech Services Pvt. Ltd, having its registered headquarters at A-86 B, 2 nd Floor, School Block, ChanderVihar, Delhi-110092, which is sanctioned to work out the ownership and intellectual possession rights to the Web Site.

These guidelines on website use control the constitutional rights and responsibility of the operator and the users concerning the use of the Web Portal. Users are suggested to read these "Terms of Use" thoroughly and carefully. This is a lawfully obligatory contract between the User and ATD Fintech Services Pvt. Ltd, setting up the terms of usage under which this Web Site may be used. In the situation of any disagreement between the terms and conditions of definite products and services and this repudiation, the conditions particular to such products and services shall overcome. Users are suggested to read carefully these terms before enrolling, discovering, downloading, accessing, or using no matter what from the Web Site.

Use of Information and Materials

The Content (details, data, information, news items, material, etc.) enclosed on this Web Portal is made available for common information only and should not be utilized as a basis for making corporate/economic decisions. The User is recommended to exercise due concern and/or look for self- governing counsel prior to entering into any agreement or financial commitment based on the Content enclosed on this Website.

The Content enclosed in ATD Money's Website, together with graphics, links, text, or other terms are offered on an "as is", "as available" foundation and are shielded by copyright in the favor of Web Site Operator. A visitor or user should not share out text or graphics to any other third part without the written permission or NOC of the Web Site Operator. A User is not supposed to duplicate, download, distribute, reproduce or publish any of the part or portion of the Content enclosed on this Website in any form without prior permission of the Web Site Operator. Use of the products or services portrayed in this Web Site may not be allowed in some overseas countries and if there is any uncertainty, a user should verify either with the local supervisor or the administration or with the Web Site Operator before demanding additional information on similar products/ services. Service or products are accessible only in the judgment of Operator, a matter of the particular juridical terms of using products and services on which they are presented and such products and services may be taken off or modified at any time without prior notification. The complete array of products or services may not be obtainable in every location.

Links to Other Sites

The ATD Money Website may recommend links to sites that are out of the Operator's control. If a user visits any such linked sites they should evaluate the terms and conditions on every such web site. Particularly, the Operator does not take for granted any accountability for any compulsion of any persons who recommend, provide or intercede services or products on similar sites. The Operator is neither answerable for the guiding principle and practice of other agencies, nor for the material of associated third-party web sites.

Creation of User Account for availing Services

To get the Loan(s) or to get benefited of other services from ATD Money from time to time, the User has to build an account ("User Account") with us by enrolling himself/ herself. You are exclusively accountable for preserving the confidentiality of your user ID and password for that specific User Account and shall be accountable for all actions that take place in correlation with your User Account. For fear that of any illegal or unlawful use of your User Account of ATD Money the same shall be guilty to us. You shall not generate numerous User Accounts and shall not use your User Account for any intention that is illegitimate, prohibited or banned by law. As a concern for getting Loan/ Service through Web Site, you may be needed to pay the due amount as charges, fee, cost or interest as may be pertinent as declared in our Web site.

For the intention of generating the User Account through the Website:

» The applicant shall be an Indian citizen inhabitant in India and minimum 19 years of age;
» The applicant shall not be an individual either expelled or or else legally forbidden from taking Loan or availing financial services and solutions offered by us;
» The applicant should have an official or legal identity proof/card and residential address proof as explained by Reserve Bank of India;
» The applicant shall not imitate any person or body or misleadingly state or otherwise fake age, individuality or association with any person or body.
» The applicant should have a legitimate email address and authentic mobile number where he/she wishes to receive One Time Password and other exchanges from ATD MONEY.
» The applicant should have an updated UIDAI (Aadhaar) number and other applicable evidence of his/her address with his/her name on it (Driving License/ Passport/ 2 months Electricity Bills/Voter ID card/2 months Gas Bills/ 2 months Mobile Bills/ Water bills/Bank statement, UIDAI Card/ Letter) in case residential address is not similar as stated in UIDAI (Aadhaar)
» The applicant should have an internet banking enabled bank account in India (He or She needs to fill bank name, IFSC, branch and account number) for the intention of deposit/receipt of financial amounts.
» The applicant should be either compensated employee or freelancer or pensioner.
» The applicant should read and understand the Privacy guidelines, terms of Website Use as well as common Terms and Conditions for attaining Personal Loan from ATD Financial Services Private Limited.

Your desktop/ mobile device should have:

» Supported Resolutions: 1366 x 768+. Best viewed on 1366 x 768
» A properly running internet access having HTML supported Web Browsers including Firefox 49+ Chrome 55+, Edge 38+ or Mobile Browsers: Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari Browser
» Latest version of Adobe Reader: https://get.adobe.com/reader/
» A web camera

While generating the User Account you are required to provide specific details which may contain your private details (like name, residential address, date of birth, parents name, photograph etc.), contact information (Such as your housing address, email id, telephone/ mobile number etc.), industry, credit and economic information, log details such as your search inquiries, IP address, break downs, date and time, real location, browser web storage space, application data caches, Cookies and parallel technologies (cooperatively and independently known as, "Customer Data"). We suggest you to give absolute and precise information to strengthen your trustworthiness and credibility. You verify and justify that the details submitted are factual and accurate and we can depend on it for providing the financial solutions /Loan/or services required by you through the Website.

Pursuant to you generating the User Account, and put forward the Customer Data, We will be holding and dealing out client Data. You endow us with power to use the same for the purposes as explained in "Privacy Policy of ATD Money " as modified from time to time.

By generating User Account, you consent to take delivery of communications in association with the Website and from associated sites. By providing us your e-mail ID and/ or telephone/ mobile number, You also allowed us to get in touch with you through email or phone call or SMS, for the updates about atd money offers. Regardless of the fact that you have enrolled yourself under "Do Not Disturb" (DND) or Do Not Call or NCPR service, you still sanctioned us to give you a call from us, our connections and our associates for the above-stated intentions.

Despite of accepting this Policy guidelines on terms of using or obtaining the loan or any financial services from us, you shall be furthermore required to give your consent 'General Terms and Conditions for acquiring Personal Loan and other Loan from ATD Money. Additionally, it is made obvious that giving consent to these terms or creation of User Account will not connect us in providing you any loan or financial services, the similar shall be further controlled by the definite terms besides this Policy.

Prohibited Conduct

By using our Web Site you are in agreement that you shall not;

(a) Use our Website for spamming or any other unlawful intentions.
(b) Disobey ours or any third party's intellectual asset rights, rights of promotion or confidentiality;
(c) Post or broadcast any message which is defamatory, or which unveils confidential or private matters regarding any person.
(d) Post or convey any memo, information, picture or program which breaches any law.
(e) Decline to lend a hand in an inquiry or provide authentication of your individuality or any other details or data you provide to us.
(f) Eradicate, evade, put out of action, damage or or else obstructs with safety associated features of our Web Site or aspects that impose restrictions on the use of Web Site.
(g) Upload any content that comprises inattentive advice or includes any neglectful statement, an provocation to commit a crime or enclose instructions for the order of a crime or the encouragement of unlawful activity; or any content which is in disrespect of any court or judiciary system, or in violation of any court order; or differentiates on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, gender; harassing, enveloping of another's confidentiality, offensive; in breach of any contractual compulsions or represents violence or is pornographic, paedophilic, obscene, evocative or sexually open; or consists of or encloses any commands, recommendation or other details which may be acted upon and could, if acted upon, be a reason sickness, wound or casualty, or any other failure or damage; or comprises spam; or is disgustingly damaging, nasty, misleading, deceptive, intimidating, insulting, horrible, irritating, inconsiderate, threatening, hateful, prejudiced or seditious; or causes aggravation, bother or needless nervousness to any person; or ethnically unpleasant, disapproving, relating or heartening money laundering or betting, or harm minors in any way or or else illegal in any manner no matter what.
(h) Upload any content that intimidates the unity, truthfulness, defense, safety or dominion of any country, or community order or causes provocation to the commission of any cognizable offense or avoids investigation of any crime or is abusive to any nation;
(j) Upload any content that encloses software bugs or any other computer code, files or programs intended to break off, demolish or restrict the functionality of any computer resource.
(k) Reverse engineer, decompile, disband or otherwise effort to determine our source code for the Site or any fraction thereof or disobey any copyright, brand, patent or other proprietary rights;
(l) Use our Site in any way that could harm, disable, overstrain, or weaken, including, without restriction, using Site in a computerized manner.
(m) Amend, acclimatize, interpret or create unoriginal works based upon Site or any fraction.
(n) Deliberately obstruct with or harm operation of Site or any other user's use of Web Site, by any medium, including uploading or or else circulating bugs, worms, Trojans, spyware or other spiteful code or file with polluting or negative features.
(o) Use any machine, robot, other mechanical device, or physical process to observe or duplicate Site without our previous written consent.
(p) Hinder or interrupt Site or networks linked therewith.
(q) Take any act that inflicted an irrationally or excessively huge load on Site.
(r) Use any appliance, software or practice to evade Site robot elimination headers, or interfere or effort to interfere, with the Site.
(s) Counterfeit headers or influence identifiers or other data in order to cover the origin of any content passed on through the Site or to maneuver your existence on Site.
(t) Use the amenities and abilities of Site to do any activity or importune the performance of any prohibited activity, or other movement which infringes the civil rights of others;
(u) Violate these Terms or any other guiding principles which we have.
(v) Provide fake, mistaken or deceptive information to Site.
(w) Use Site to gather or attain personal information, including without restriction, private information about other users of our Site.

Obligations of Users

While operating the Website, the Users must not obstruct with the Website's safety, uprightness and operation in common, must not utilize the Website for the transmission of damaging files or endeavor to enter non-public segments of the Website or access restricted information shown on the Website where the Users do not match the standards for accessing this information. The User is additionally required to keep an eye on the operator's copyrights of this Website and, moreover, to study the third parties' rights to content published by the Operator on the Website (including, but not restricted to, trademarks, symbol etc.) but possessed by third parties and which is under the shelter of suitable laws on the safety of intellectual property rights. Additionally, while putting forward any information to the Website for the intention of acquiring any services, the Users shall make sure and verify that the same is proper and accurate.

You are not authorized to use any of our business names, logo, trademarks, domain names, service marks, and other idiosyncratic brand features. You shall not create a replica and use the software, graphics, visual, audio, or text on this Site ("Content"). You are not permitted to eliminate, ambiguous, or change any ownership rights notices (counting brand and copyright notices), which may be attached to or enclosed within the services. You will not duplicate or convey any of the services. We neither symbolize nor justify that your use of materials shown on the Site will not infringe civil rights of third parties.

Breach of the Terms

Without discrimination to our rights under this guiding principles, if you violate these terms & conditions and by any means, or if we believe that you have violated these terms & conditions of Website by any means, we may (i) launch you one or more official warnings; (ii) momentarily postpone your access to Website; (iii) everlastingly ban you from right of entry to Website; (iv) obstruct computers via your IP address from right to use Website; (v) contact any or all of your internet service providers and appeal that they obstruct your access to Website; (vi) initiate lawful action against you, whether for violating of agreement or revival of amounts due or compensation or otherwise; and/or (vii) suspend or remove your user account on Website.

Reward Points

Interest paid on loan taken time to time through ATD Money shall qualify for reward points i.e equivalent to interest paid. Example if interest paid Rs 100/- then points will be add Rs 100/-.

» Once you are registered in atd money same user id and password can be used for online shopping and availing reward points redemption from www.myshopbazzar.com.
» Redemption of reward points shall be as per the terms & policy of myshopbazzar.com.
» ATD Money may change this policy any time without prior intimation to the user.


Our Platform has stringent security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Whenever you change or access your account information, we offer the use of a secure server. Once your information is in our possession, we adhere to strict security guidelines, protecting it against unauthorized access.

Grievance Policy

To report content that you believe is inappropriate, in violation of applicable laws or any term of this Policy, or infringing upon other rights (including privacy rights), you may get in touch with our Grievance Officer at grievances@atdfinance.in.

Mr. Deepak Kumar Jha
Grievance Officer,
A-86 B, 2 nd Floor, School Block,
ChanderVihar, Delhi-110092
Mob:- +91- 9999589205

Please review the privacy policy periodically to make sure that you are aware of the latest changes.